Graphic design by Chelsea Brink

Graphic design by Chelsea Brink

STAGESCENELA named R&J "BEST PRODUCTION OVERALL" of the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival!

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O, he doth teach the torches to burn bright.”

”What’s Montague? It is nor hand nor foot,
Nor arm nor face nor any other part
Belonging to a girl. O be some other name!”

Mine is Yours Theatre Company, the company that brought you Encore! Producers' Award-winning Twelfth Night, or what you will..., is excited to return to the Hollywood Fringe Festival for a second year, this time bringing:


R&J, a gender-reversed Romeo and Juliet


Praise for R&J:

"All around superb...R&J, a Gender-Reversed Romeo and Juliet is as must-see as it gets" -- Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"I genuinely would say this is my favorite live production of Romeo and Juliet." -- Night-Tinted Glasses

"This gender-swapping production bring[s] into sharp relief the Bard's timeless, transcendent vision about the mysteries of the heart." -- Stage Raw

#SeeItLA – Mine is Yours has a well-cut, fast paced R&J… Dane Oliver, as Julian, Mary Ellen Schneider, as Romea, Alan Blumenfeld, as nurse, and Cj Merriman, as Tybalt, all delivered impressive performances.” -- Kat Michels, #SeeItorSkipItLA Correspondent



In R&J, all the male characters are now women, and all the female characters are now men. The world is dark and dreamy and “here all eyes gaze on us.” The brooding Romea falls in love with cloistered Julian, each opening up something in the other as their story swiftly unfolds. With 8 actors and 90 minutes, R&J hurtles forward, but still manages to catch your breath and fills you with our lovers’ hope.

~ ~ ~ ~


If you were to meet a human who was raised with the freedom and privilege to be bold and unabashedly honest and open, is that human automatically “male” or “masculine”?

If you were to meet a human who was raised as currency for their parent to profit from when they became of age, and therefore has been cloistered from the world and trained to be a perfect prize to be won, is that human automatically “female” or “feminine”?

What has our society taught us about the parameters within which males and females must live to be palatable to the general public and general audience?

~ ~ ~ ~

Audience Feedback:

“R&J was a fascinating take on the story we all know so well! It was so refreshing to see powerful female characters that are normally sparse in classical works, and the acting was superb. The production itself asked interesting questions about gender politics and dynamics that inspired a great post-show conversation… Strongly recommended!

“Mine is Yours’ production of R&J was wonderfully paced, nuanced by the actors, and a refreshing opportunity to see Shakespeare’s characters interact without gender restrictions. By switching the gender roles, the company found more of a middle ground of gender equality. Rather than having men play at what it means to be woman and women play at what it means to be a man, the company of actors played each character as a person. This highlighted the fact that anyone, man or woman, can feel and experience everything in every character’s journey regardless of sex. Wonderful performances!

“I had a chance to see R&J and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story and the language were crystal clear… The gender bending concept was fascinating and truly thought-provoking. It was amazing to see a play that one is very familiar with, through a whole new lens. It was great and great fun!”


The Team:

produced by Mine is Yours Theatre Company (Twelfth Night, 2014 ENCORE! Producers’ Award)

directed by Abby Craden*

assistant directed and choreographed by Sam Szabo (Into the Fog. Awards: 2014 Best Dance and Physical Theatre Show Hollywood Fringe, 2014 DUENDE Distinction Award Hollywood Fringe, 2014 ENCORE! Producers’ Award)

stage managed by James Ferrero*

lighting design by Shen Heckel

set design by James Ferrero*

sound design by Sam Szabo

costume design by Mallin Alter

media design by James Ferrero* and Nate Grams

fight choreography by Aaron Hendry* and Mike Mahaffey*

featuring Alan Blumenfeld* (Nurse), Hayley Brown (Paris), Katherine James* (Capulet/Sister Laurence), CJ Merriman* (Tybalt/Apothecary), Dane Oliver (Julian), Hannah Pell (Benvolia), Taylor Jackson Ross* (Mercutia/Messenger), and Mary Ellen Schneider (Romea)

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, The Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States



Preview - Friday, June 5th at 10pm

Saturday, June 13th at 7:30pm

Sunday, June 14th at 4pm

Saturday, June 20th at 11:30pm

Thursday, June 25th at 8:30pm

Saturday, June 27th at 3pm


Tickets: $15 at

Use code THITHER for $3 off!


at The Actors Company in The Other Space



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